[ opengl ]

Sound-reactive animation is my useless superpower. I’ve always loved graphics programing, and I’ve always loved music. I’ve been making these animations over the years to add some visual appeal to my shows. (Not that I play many shows these days…) All these animations respond to incoming audio, and can run in real time on a Raspberry Pi. Then I can throw the Pi in my bag and set it up at a gig if the venue has a projector.
For years, I’ve been interested in generating animations from audio. This is my first attempt to generate music from an animation! The GIF up there does not do it justice. Go play with it for a bit and come back. (Tip: if you’re on a phone or ipad, it supports multitouch!) Animation Clicking or tapping the screen creates a rotating dot that eventually fades away. The dots rotate in a circle in time with the tempo of the music.