C++ for Embedded Programming: constexpr

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Is C++ good for embedded programming? Don’t ask me! What does “good” even mean? However, as I start to dip my toes into embedded I had two thoughts: It appears to me that C is still the dominant language in embedded systems In theory the C++ principles of “zero-cost abstraction” and “don’t pay for what you don’t use” should be especially useful in embedded systems I’m just a hobbyist at embedded and I don’t intend to tell the pros what to do.
In chapter 7 of my (+ Max’s) book, Deep Learning and the Game of Go, there is an example that collects a sample of human go game records, encodes them, and trains a small neural network. This is followed by a sample output showing it achieving over 90% training set accuracy. Several readers have reported that they could not reproduce this. You’re not crazy! There is a mismatch between the code listing in the book and the results listing.

Even after decades of hacking with Python, I’m still learning new things. Recently I discovered the forkserver option in the multiprocessing library. This is a pretty obscure, low-level setting, but it solved some problems I’ve had trying to use TensorFlow with multiprocessing.

Audio Reactive Programming: Envelope Followers

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My weirdly specific hobby is coding visuals that react to music. (See here or here.) I thought I would share some of my audio processing and animation tricks. Most of my techniques for synchronizing animations to music start with envelope followers. In this article, I’ll explain what an envelope follower is and how it works. In a future article, I’ll give some examples of how to use one.

Netlify Review

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Recently I wanted to publish a tiny web site: literally a single HTML file. I used to run a small personal server for just such occasions, but I’ve given up on trying to keep up with security patches. I started looking into static web hosting services with a few goals in mind:


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Hello. I haven’t had a personal web site up in a while. Gonna give this static content generation thing a try and see how it goes.